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Husk å stemme på TCA!

Du må huske å stemme på Demi på 'Teen Choice Awards', hun er nominert i kategoriene

  • Best Female Artist
  • Best Smile
  • Female Hottie

Du kan stemme her.



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Demi&Justin ble 'Prom King og Queen'!

Nå er avstemningen til PopCrush over, og Demi og Justin ble vinnerne!



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Demi på 'Britains Got Talent' i går!





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Demi Lovato: 'My fans helped me beat my eating disorder'



30.05.2013 | 16:59 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

Demi snakker om hvordan Simon lukter!



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Demi i 'Bliss magazine'!



30.05.2013 | 14:18 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

Demis intervju med BBC Radio 1!




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Stem på Demi!

Stem på Demi her, hun er nominert i kategoriene:

  • Best Smile
  • Best Dressed
  • Most Inspirational



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Nylon Magazine - HQ Scans





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DEMI er på VG-Listen!

Gratulerer med dagen!
DEMI er på femte plass på VG-listen, og Heart Attack er på syttende plass!



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Den offisielle siden er oppdatert!

Nå er den offisielle siden til Demi oppdatert! Sjekk ut endringene her.



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DEMI har solgt til gull!

Nå har det blitt bekreftet at DEMI har solgt til gull i Brazil.



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Kommende talkshows!

Den 27. mai skal Demi på 'Live with Kelly and Michael'.
Den 31. mai skal Demi på 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man'.



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Demi på 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' #1





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Intimate party



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Demi Lovato's Back Catalogue: 7 Pre-'Demi' Highlights



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Demi har fått ny tatovering!

Tatoveringen sier: now I'm a warrior.
Hva synes du om den nye tatoveringen hennes?


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Demi på forsiden av et israelsk magasin!

Demi on the cover of an Israeli magazine



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Demi på 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest'!



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Walmart soundchecken er ute!

Nå har Walmart soundchecken til Demi kommet ut! Klikk her for å se den.



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Hva er din favoritt sang fra DEMI?

Stem her.




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Demi Lovato Q&A: On 'Demi,' Her 'X Factor' Return and Being Sick of Party Songs

Demi Lovato Q&A: On 'Demi,' Her 'X Factor' Return and Being Sick of Party Songs

"'Unbroken' wasn't my favorite album, and this one is my favorite one so far," the 20-year-old pop star tells Billboard.


Last Tuesday (May 7), Demi Lovato asked her 13 million Twitter followers, "What's your favorite song off #DEMI??" Her fourth studio album, "Demi," was to be released on May 14 through Hollywood Records, but the 20-year-old pop singer posted the full album online eight days earlier, and wanted to get some instant feedback. The question was retweeted 18,000 times, with responses ranging from the sassy synth flare-up "Fire Starter" to the yearning ballad "Nightingale" to "Heart Attack," the album's lead single, which currently sits at No. 12 on the Hot 100 chart.


"I actually wanted to see what everyone's favorite was," Lovato tells Billboard, "but there wasn't one song that stood out as everyone's favorite. A lot of the time the fans were like, 'Oh, there's too many good ones to name!' And that was really cool? but I actually wanted to know what their favorite was."


It's a good problem for Lovato to have -- two and a half years after withdrawing from a world tour to enter a treatment facility and confront "physical and emotional issues," the singer has become one of the most in-demand young artists in pop music, thanks in part to a comeback album, 2011's "Unbroken," that spawned the radio smash "Give Your Heart a Break" and netted her a spot on the judges panel of the U.S. version of "The X Factor" last year. "Demi" is a more diverse album than "Unbroken" (read the Billboard track-by-track review here), expanding Lovato's repertoire while keeping her powerful pipes front and center; it's an album that carries a wealth of Top 40 offerings, and could very well continue the singer's upward trajectory towards ubiquity.


Before "Demi's" release, Lovato chatted with Billboard about idolizing vocal powerhouses, re-upping with "The X Factor" and why "Demi" captures who she is in a way that "Unbroken" did not.



Billboard: "Demi" is out this Tuesday. Are you the type of person that keeps a close eye on first-week album sales?

Lovato: I'm definitely the type of person that's gonna be watching it and wanting it to do well, but I have to tell myself that music isn't just coming out for a week -- it's about the long run. I'm putting this music out there to be around for a long time, so if it does well this next week, great, and if it doesn't, whatever, because I'll hopefully be around in this industry for a long time.


Your last album, "Unbroken," became your best-selling album and had the biggest hit of your career. Did you go into "Demi" with more pressure or less pressure on yourself?

I think with every album there's more pressure, because you always want to do better than the last album. I want a career that's going to last me a long time, so in order to do that, you have to keep making great music. For me, "Unbroken" wasn't my favorite album, and this one is my favorite one so far. I put a lot of work into it, and I think it's going to be my most successful album to date.



What about "Unbroken" made it resonate with you less?

I don't know! I got sick of the songs. When I would play them onstage, I was just like, 'Oh my gosh, I can't play these anymore.' And I have to wonder, was that album really who I was? Was I just experimenting with sounds? I think I wanted to try something more R&B, but when I tried that, it wasn't really me. And so with this album, I'm so excited to play new music rather than getting tired of the songs.


What message did you want these new songs to convey?

I always want to make positive music. Obviously I'm gonna have my songs about heartbreak and break-ups, but with this album? I get sick of listening to the radio and hearing only music that's talking about partying and drinking and getting high. That's not what I do. It's not what I stand for. Maybe a couple years ago I would have loved it, but I'm not the same person I was a few years ago. Now when I listen to the radio, I can't relate to a lot of it.

With my album this time, I wanted to go into it keeping in mind that I want to listen to stuff on the radio that I can relate to. I think the reason why artists like Adele and Taylor Swift are so relatable is because they talk about their experiences and pour it out in their songs. There's a lot more to their music than just partying and going out.


It could have been easy for you to bring in a bunch of guest vocalists for the album, but there's only one feature -- Cher Lloyd on "Really Don't Care."

I think I needed to make an album where I established my artistry before I collaborated with a ton of people. On the last album, I collaborated with a lot of people, and at the end of the day, I felt like, 'Is it my album, or a bunch of people's album?' If I'm coming out with something that represents who I am today, as an independent woman, I want it to be very obvious that my album is about me and my life, and not about a bunch of people coming together and making music. That's great, and it's fun to collaborate with people, but I have an opportunity to express who I am, and I didn't want a bunch of people on the album trying to help me do that.



The most personal song on the album is the final track, "Warrior," which references everything you went through before "Unbroken." How hard is it to write a song like that?

That song was probably the hardest and easiest song to write on the album. I was writing about personal experiences, and it's the type of song where you can't fit all of it into one song -- you can't put all of the emotions into one song. It was the hardest song to write because it was the most vulnerable for me, and you can't sum up that experience in three or four minutes. But it was the easiest song at the same time because it's something that I wanted to say. Like I said in the first line [of the song], 'This is a story that I've never told/I gotta get this off my chest to let it go.' I wanted to let it go.


What was your reaction the first time you heard the finished song?

I? was really pleased with it. It's still one of those songs that I don't like to listen to in front of other people, because I feel really vulnerable and almost naked when other people hear it.


When you were at the Billboard Film & TV Music Conference last fall, you talked about never having to go the "sexy route" with your music, because that never felt true to your personality. Who were some of your female musical idols growing up?

My [recent] inspirations are people like Kelly Clarkson, and the people that I listened to when I was growing up were more known for their vocals rather than their sex appeal. I had a lot of respect for Whitney Houston, and Christina Aguilera, on some songs where she was really amazing and wasn't trying to be sexy or anything like that. I just found that I had more respect for artists that didn't talk about that stuff, and those were the ones that were more successful.

I feel like, if you have talent, you don't have to go down that route. If you don't have to sing about drinking and partying and sex, then don't. I have a little sister that's listening to this music -- the last thing I want to do is release music that is gonna influence her in a way that will take her down the wrong path. My dad and my family hear this music! I don't want to feel too uncomfortable when they're listening to it.


Are there any up-and-coming pop artists who have impressed you with their vocal ability?

Ariana Grande. She has vocals that are just unbelievable, and I have so much respect for her because she is a true singer. She's someone that I feel like is going to have a long career because of her voice, and I think she's going to be a huge name. She's gonna be great.


"Demi" is being released a few months before "The X Factor" comes back in the fall -- no one would have blamed you for taking a break from the show, or leaving it altogether, to promote your new album, but you decided to come back for the third season. Why?

There are multiple reasons. When you have the opportunity to be in front of America every single week several times a week, that's a very incredible opportunity, not only because your fans get to know you better, but? I was on the Disney Channel forever, and was waiting for that right job that would help me cross over to the mainstream world. I was not only in front of my fans every week, but I was also in front of adults. I never used to get recognized by adults, and now when I'm at the airport or the grocery store, the guy behind the register will be like, "I love you on 'X Factor'!" It's really awesome to have expanded my fan base.

And there's also how much ['X Factor'] did for me last year. I learned so much, and I just want to do it again. I don't like it when you attach yourself to a judge, and then the judges switch up and you're like, 'Oh no!' I didn't want any of my fans to think that was me -- I didn't want them to get excited for me to come back, and then I don't come back, you know? I'm so excited to learn even more next season.



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Demi på FOX Upfront #1

Ohh hey @RyanSeacrest!! pic.twitter.com/pCDl8qylF3

@ddlovato: Ohh hey @RyanSeacrest!!

kevinmchaleFox Friends :)) <a class=#Demi #choosingGlee both out tomorrow! @ddlovato@jennaushkowitz @msleamichele@darrencriss" />

@kevinmchale: Fox Friends :)) #Demi #choosingGlee both out tomorrow! @ddlovato @jennaushkowitz @msleamichele @darrencriss

Demi and Simon at the FOX Upfront (HQ)

Demi and Zooey Deschanel at FOX Upfront

Demi and Simon @ FOX Up Front

Demi Lovato and Breatrice Miller @ FOX UpFront








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Demi Lovato To Go 'Live From MTV' With Lovatics Tomorrow!



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I Hate You, Don't Leave Me (bonus sang)

 Hvis man kjøper DEMI på Target får man med en bonus sang med navnet 'I Hate You, Don't Leave Me'! Trykk her for å høre den.

Demi tweetet faktisk litt av teksten fra sangen i oktober:



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Demi skal gjøre en signering!

På tirsdag (14. mai) skal Demi gjøre en signering på 'Roosevelt Fields Mall', altså på et kjøpesenter i New York. Alle detaljer står på bildet under.



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Demi skal være gjest på 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'!

Onsdag, den 15. mai skal Demi nok en gang være gjest på talkshowet 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'.



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Heart Attack er #5 på radioen!

Nå har Heart Attack endelig kommet på Topp 5 på den amerikanske radioen.



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DEMI på iTunes over verden!

Dette er hvilke plasser DEMI er på, på iTunes over hele verden akkurat nå. Legg merke til at albumet bare er #1 i Norge og New Zealand.




10.05.2013 | 11:59 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)


Jeg la akkurat merke til at Heart Attack er på 20. plass på VG-listen!



10.05.2013 | 11:52 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

DEMI er nummer #1 på iTunes!

DEMI er tilgjengelig i Norge nå, og er allerede på #1! Hvis du ikke har kjøpt det enda, gjør det nå!



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Demi Lovato, 'Demi': Track-By-Track Review

Nå har Billboard skrevet en andmeldelde av DEMI, du kan lese andmeldelsen her:

Hva synes dere om andmeldelsen?


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Demi skal opptre på 'Philly 4th of July Jam'

Nå har det blitt bekreftet at Demi skal opptre på 'Philly 4th of July Jam'. Opptredenen hennes vil blit vist den 4. juli på VH1 og Palladia, klokken 8pm ET.



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Litt av artikkelen i 'Company Magazine'!

Litt av artikkelen i 'Company Magazine' har kommet ut, og i den lille delen snakker Demi om Miley (Cyrus). Sjekk ut litt av artikkelen her:



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iTunes Norge - oppdatering

I skrivende stund er Heart Attack på 10. plass på iTunes (Norge), og DEMI på 28. plass på iTunes (Norge). Heart Attack har vært på 1. plass før, og DEMI har vært på 4. plass før. Så hvis du ikke har kjøpt/forhåndsbestilt Heart Attack og/eller DEMI, gjør det nå!

(Jeg har kjøpt dem på mobilen min, og jeg er på iPaden akkurat nå.)


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DEMI er tilgjengelig!

Nå kan man kjøpe DEMI i New Zealand, Australia, og Belgia.



09.05.2013 | 18:56 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)


Alle menneskene som var på 'The Ellen Show' i går får hver sin kopi av DEMI!



09.05.2013 | 18:55 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

Demi er nominert til MMVA!

Nå har nominasjonene til 'Much Music Awards' kommet ut, og Demi er nominert til 'Favorite International Artist/Group'. Du kan stemme så mange ganger du vil her.



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Hvem sin nye musikkvideo er best?

Akkurat nå har PopCrush en avstemning mellom musikkvideoene til Heart Attack og Come & Get It. Du kan stemme her.

Selena Gomez Demi Lovato



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Demi vs. Miley - Prom Queen of 2013

Nå har PopCrush startet en avstemning med navn 'Prom Queen of 2013' og 'Prom King of 2013'. Demi vant forrige runde mot Selena Gomez, og nå skal hun konkurrere mot Miley Cyrus. Du kan stemme her.

Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus




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Demi er på #26 på 'Maxim Hot 100'

You voted, we counted (mostly with our fingers) and we can say with absolute certainty that before you lies the definitive list of the world's sexiest women.


Demi Lovato




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Nytt intervju

Demi Lovato


?A couple of months before I went to rehab, I had a birthday party and there were a couple of hundred people there. It was full of people who I considered my closest friends. When I turned my phone on after being in rehab for three months, I expected lots of text messages and phone calls. I had four texts. That was a wake-up call. I have severe trust issues but I try not be jaded.?

True friends,

she doesn?t have many and prefers them to come from outside the showbiz world:

?I don?t have loads of friends. I used to, but then I realised, do any of them actually care? Now I have people who, if I break my leg in the middle of the night, they?ll come to the hospital with me. Or they?ll answer the phone at 4am if I need them.

?Most of my friends are not in the industry. I don?t like that lifestyle, the paparazzi, going to Hollywood places. I stick to my neighbourhood and to my closest friendships.?

On her recently discovered older sister:

?I don?t have a relationship with my birth father so I never knew about her. It was really funny because we never talked throughout my whole life and, when we shared our life stories, I found out we had similar lives ? we?d been through the same things.?

?I think it?s really interesting that God has put each other in our lives. Now I have a niece who is 14 and hopefully I can be there for her if she has to deal with any issues that I?ve dealt with. I asked my sister why she never reached out to me before and she said, ?I just never wanted you to feel like I wanted anything from you. So I?ve been waiting to see if you wanted a relationship.? I respected that so much that it made me cry. I had a sister who was waiting for a relationship but didn?t want to force things. She?d already felt for me before we?d even had contact.?

A special man! Demi kills the Niall Horan romance rumours:

?I?m so tired of that! It never happened. Niall?s a really sweet guy and I definitely consider him a friend, but it?s never crossed that line? He?s a sweet kid and we have an understanding, but we?re just friends.?

A role model for young women! It?s something she initially struggled with:

?Yes [role models are more positive nowadays]. Ten years ago it wasn?t the case. You had a bunch of sickly thin starlets running around Hollywood and models were unbelievably thin, which I think promoted an unhealthy, unrealistic goal. That set up a lot of young women for failure. Now, thankfully, we have beautiful women in the industry. But I have to question what people consider as ?role models?. I used to think I didn?t choose to be a role model, but time went by and I was like, ?tough shit, you?re a role model whether you like it or not?. So I learnt to take it seriously because my actions influence other people.?

Fame comes at a price ? ageing!

?I?ve lived a lot of lives. Fame adds ten years to you. Then you add on the other things that I?ve dealt with, I feel like a 40-year-old sometimes!?

Future fashion line be in the pipeline?

?I love Sir Philip [Green]. He?s charming and has a really good heart. He?s very smart and knows exactly what he?s doing. Right now, I?m focused on music and touring, so I think it?d be a lot to take on fashion as well. You never know though, I?m kind of like a machine. I just keep on going.?

?If I were to do anything with fashion, it would have to have meaning behind it ? and to make women feel happy whatever body shape they are.?

Judging on X Factor USA, Simon Cowell's softer side that very few get to see:

?He?s a grump. An old fart. But he has a heart that nobody gets to see. If he walked into this room, he?d treat everybody the same ? he shakes everyone?s hand.?

Kate Middleton, Demi is appreciative of how much freedom she has in comparison:

?I sometimes look at my life and think, I have so much freedom. I can?t imagine having the attention she has. She didn?t choose this lifestyle, she just fell in love. But I admire her for her strength, she seems like a sweetheart. I want to meet her and ask her what it?s like to be princess.?

The full interview appears in the June issue of Company magazine, on sale 8th May.






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Demi Lovato: Rehab helped me reassess

Demi Lovato is pleased rehab made her overhaul her social circle.

The 20-year-old star checked into a centre in 2010 due to ?physical and emotional issues?. She later admitted suffering from bulimia and self-harming. She also turned to alcohol during her darkest times and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Looking back, Demi is amazed by how sucked in to celebrity life she had become.

?A couple of months before I went to rehab, I had a birthday party and there were a couple of hundred people there. It was full of people who I considered my closest friends,? she told Company magazine. ?When I turned my phone on after being in rehab for three months, I expected lots of text messages and phone calls. I had four texts. That was a wake-up call. I have severe trust issues but I try not to be jaded.?

Now the star has a select group of people she is close to and knows she can rely on. Although it was hard to realise she needed to make changes in her personal life, they have been for the better.

?I don?t have loads of friends. I used to, but then I realised, do any of them actually care? Now I have people who, if I break my leg in the middle of the night, they?ll come to the hospital with me,? she said. ?Or they?ll answer the phone at 4am if I need them.?

The former Disney star used to be close friends with Miley Cyrus and while they still talk, they don?t see each other much.

The star has also dismissed claims she dated One Direction?s Niall Horan, insisting they were just friends. She can?t understand why people are so keen to discuss her personal life, or that of other stars.

?I don?t care about Taylor Swift?s love life. I don?t care about Harry Style?s love life,? she said. ?I care about mine. I find it weird that people are so obsessed with other people?s love lives!?



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Demi i sør-afrikanske PEOPLE Magazine!

På den sør-afrikanske nettsiden til PEOPLE Magazine har det blitt lagt ut en artikkel om Demi! Les artikkelen her:


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Nyheter om DEMI!

Nå er det kun 13 dager til DEMI kommer ut, men hvis du har forhåndsbestilt DEMI så får du den om 9 dager.

Demi skal lage enda en musikkvideo til en av sangene fra DEMI!:

Neste uke får vi noen sniktitter fra DEMI!:



28.04.2013 | 15:14 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)


Heart Attack ble gitt ut for 10 uker siden, og har allerede solgt til platinum, wow! Jeg er såå stolt over Demi! Dette året kommer til å bli utrolig suksessfullt for Demi. 


#bilder fra Twitter



26.04.2013 | 19:01 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

Demi på forsiden av Girlfriend!

Girlfriend Magazine

åå, herregud! Så vakker hun er!




25.04.2013 | 19:42 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

Demi skal opptre på 'GMA Summer Concert'!

Nok en gang skal Demi opptre på den årlige festivalen, opprettet av 'Good Morning America', nemlig 'GMA Summer Concert'. Denne gangen skal Demi opptre den 28. juni. Her er et bildet fra da hun opptro i fjor:



25.04.2013 | 19:32 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

Demi skal til Frankrike!

I går bekreftet den franske Universal Twitter brukeren at Demi skal på promoterings tur til Frankrike i juni:

Hvis man oversetter tweeten over til norsk så står det ikke noe om at hun skal dit i juni, men det er bekreftet av andre kilder at det er da hun skal dit.


25.04.2013 | 17:03 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

Selena skrev en melding til Demi!

Da Selena Gomez var på 'The Elvis Duran Show' ble hun spurt om hun kunne skrive i gjesteboken deres. Hun skrev hilsenen sin rett ved siden av Demi sin, og hun skrev en liten hilsen til Demi! Se hva hun skrev her:

aww, så søtt! Jeg føler at Demi og Selena har begynt å snakke mer om hverandre nå.


12.04.2013 | 18:17 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

SiriusXM takeover !!


-Asbah (littlemixx)


12.04.2013 | 14:50 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

Heart Attack - #1 på iTunes !!

En veeldig forsinket gjesteblogger her. Hele uka har vært stappfull av innleveringer & prøver....


Heart Attack er øverst på iTunes-lista !!




08.04.2013 | 19:13 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

Demi & Wilmer var sammen i går!

Jeg fant nettop det bildet nedenfor her på Twitter, og det sies at Demi og Wilmer var sammen i går. Sjekk ut tweetene her:

#bildet funnet på Twitter
Hvis du fortsatt hater/misliker Wilmer, bør du se denne videoen:



05.04.2013 | 21:18 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

Oppsummering av de siste dagene!

Jeg har hatt så mye å gjøre så jeg har dessverre ikke fått noe tid til å blogge, men jeg skal prøve å blogge så ofte som jeg kan. 

Det er ihvertfall noen ting som ikke har blitt postet på bloggen, så jeg poster det nå.


Demi opptrådte på 'Dancing With the Stars' den 2. april. Her er noen bilder og videoer fra opptredenen, og noen backstage bilder! :






Zendaya (skuespiller, deltager på DWTS), Marissa (bestevenninen til Demi), og Shorty (gammel danser for Demi) tweetet om opptredenen til Demi:

#bilder av tweetene fra Tumblr.

Demi with Zendaya backstage at Dancing with the stars last night.

Zendaya og Demi. ↑

Det har kommet en demo versjon av en av de nye sangene til Demi, 'In Case'. Demoen er sunget av Priscilla Renea. Sjekk ut demoen her:


Her er teksten til demo versjonenen av 'In Case':

Ohhhoh ohohohohhhohoh ohoh

Pictures in my pocket, all faded from the washer, I can barely just make

Out your face.

Food you saved for later, in my refridgerater, it's been to long since later

Never came.

I know, one day eventually, yeah I know, one day I'll let it all go. But I

Keep it just in case, yeah I keep it just in case, you don't find what

You're looking for. In case, you're missing what you had before. In case

You change you're mind, il be waiting case you just want to come home. 

Strong enough to leave you, but weak enough to leave you, cared enough to

Let you walk away.

I took that dirty jacket, from the trash right where you left it, cose I

Couldn't stant to see it go to waste, and I know, one day eventually, I

Know, one day il have to let it all go. But I keep it just in case, yeah I

Keep it just in case. In case, you don't find what you're looking, in case, 

You're missing what you had before, in case you change you're mind, il be

Waiting here, in case, you just want to come hoeme, in case you're looking

In that mirror one day and miss my arms, how they wrapped around you're

Waiste and I say that you can love me again even if it isn't the case, 

Hohhh you don't find what you're looking for ohhhohohh, you're missing my

Law, you don't find you're looking for, in case you're missing what you had

Before in case you change you're mind I'll be waiting, in case you just want

To come home, in case hooohhh ooohhhoh

Demi hadde Walmart soundchecken sin på onsdag. Den vil bli gitt ut i mai. Her er et bildet og noen tweets:

#bilder av tweetene fra Tumblr.

‏@WMSoundcheck: &#8220;We?d like to thank @ddlovato &amp; @HollywoodRecs for a great new #Soundcheck! <a class=#Lovatics ur going to love this one! #DEMI&#8221;" />

We'd like to thank @ddlovato & @HollywoodRecs for a great new #Soundcheck! #Lovatics ur going to love this one! #DEMI 


Dere har også sikkert merket det, vi har fått nytt design! Jeg liker det utrolig godt, og det gir meg en skikkelig sommer følelse. Det er flinke Julie som har laget det!



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Walmart Soundcheck

Dere husker vel når Demi hadde en soundcheck på Walmart for å promotere Here we go Again? Vel, denne uken skal Demi opptre noen av de nye sangene fra 'DEMI' der. Det vil bli filmet på onsdag, og akkurat som forrige gang så vil det komme en CD og DVD med opptredenen hennes. CD og DVD-en kommer nok mest sannsynlig til å bli gitt ut rundt da albumet kommer ut. Her er coveret til den forrige Walmart soundchecken:



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Låtene på DEMI!

I dag ble det mulig for mennesker som bor i USA & Canada å forhåndsbestille 'DEMI', og det betyr at vi fikk vite navnene på låtene! Sjekk ut navnene her:

  1. Heart Attack
  2. Made in the USA
  3. Without the Love
  4. Neon Lights
  5. Two Pieces
  6. Nightingale
  7. In Case
  8. Really Don't Care (featuring Cher Lloyd)
  9. Fire Starter
  10. Something That We're Not
  11. Never Been Hurt
  12. Shouldn't Come Back
  13. Warrior

Bare 42 dager igjen til det kommer ut, og 7 dager til vi i Norge kan forhåndsbestille det!



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Demi på Jimmy Kimmel Live #1

Intervjuet og opptredenen:


Heart Attack:


Give Your Heart a Break:


Bilder fra intervjuet og opptredenen:

(de bildene over er funnet på Tumblr)








Bilder fra soundchecken for Jimmy Kimmel:










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Heart Attack er #1 på iTunes!

Jeg tok meg en liten pause fra bloggingen, men nå er jeg tilbake. Beklager for at jeg ikke sa i fra før jeg tok pausen.

For ca. 4 timer siden ble Heart Attack gitt ut på norske iTunes, og den er allerede på første plass! Du kan også kjøpe den nå for kun 9 kr.



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1 million abonnenter på YouTube!

VEVO brukeren til Demi nådde akkurat 1 million abonnenter på YouTube!



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Demi skal opptre på Festival People En Español!

Det er nå bekreftet at Demi skal opptre på festivalen 'Festival People En Español' i San Antonio, Texas, den 31. august. Vi vil komme med nærmere informasjon når fedtvalen nærmer seg.



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Rykter om Russland

Det går rykter om at Demi har avlyst alle intervjuene og pressekonferansene i Russland, inkludert opptredenen på 'Evening Urgant'.

Hva tror dere?


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Demi skal være på 'Live with Kelly & Michael'!

Dere husker vel da Demi var på 'Live with Kelly & Michael' 5.september? Vel, hun skal være der igjen! 11. april skal Demi være på talkshowet igjen, og det sies også at hun skal opptre Heart Attack der.



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Nytt intervju med Demi!

For noen dager siden ble Demi intervjuet av nettsiden Parade, sjekk ut intervjuet her:

Demi Lovato has bounced back in a big way. 

Not only did she wrap a season as a judge on The X Factor in December, she?s also gearing up for the release of a new unnamed album. In fact, Lovato?s first single off the record, which doesn?t yet have a release date, is already climbing the charts: ?Heart Attack? debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at no. 12 earlier this month. 

The star, 20, is using her success to help mentor a teen in her second year with ACUVUE?s 1-Day contest. ?This project is really important to me because I love mentoring,? she said. ?I got to experience the mentoring last year and I went on to mentor on The X Factor, so that was really cool.?

Lovato?s public recovery after a 2011 stint in rehab for eating disorders and self-harm has become a way for her to set an example for teenage girls. ?I?m always trying to be an inspiration to girls who have dealt with the same issues that I?ve had and let them know that nothing is impossible,? she said.

The singer talked to Parade.com about her plans for the future, whether she?ll be back for another season of The X Factor, and how her new album is the best thing she?s ever done.

On who her mentor was growing up.
?I didn?t know her at the time, but it?s Kelly Clarkson. I just thought she was a great role model. She was never publicly seen drinking and driving or wearing really scandalous clothes or anything like that. I feel like she set a really great example and she was extremely talented.?

On whether she?ll be back as an X Factor judge.
?I would love to. I had so much fun on that show. If they asked me to come back, I?d probably say yes.?

On L.A. Reid and Britney Spears leaving The X Factor.
?I?m really bummed that they left because if I get to go back and work, I obviously would want them to be there. It?s their careers and they started off doing music so they?ve got to focus on what they started off doing.?

On what she learned from judging The X Factor.
?The biggest thing I learned from that season was not being afraid to listen to people. I don?t always have it right all the time. I think a part of mentoring and a part of growing up is just learning from your mistakes as well and admitting them and trying to change them, too. There are a lot of times where I didn?t put my artist in the best clothing or had them sing the right song, but at the same time, it was a new experience for me and I learned a lot from it.?

On starring on The X Factor after leaving rehab.
?I wish I had waited to go back on camera a little longer, but it ended up working out great and I didn?t have any issues with it. Luckily, that was the way that it turned out.? 

On her plans for the next few years.
?I think I?m going to work really, really hard for the next couple years and then after that, just settle down and either have a family, or travel the world and do just a bunch of charity stuff, and just spend time with my family. I want to make sure I?m living my life to the fullest and make sure I give myself the opportunity to achieve my dreams, but I don?t want to deprive myself of life, family and love.?

On her edgy new look for her ?Heart Attack? single release.
?It?s just more of who I am. I always stick to wear a lot of black and rocking out on guitars when I perform. I go to events and I?ll dress elegantly, but when I perform on stage, I tend to keep it edgy because that?s the persona that comes out of me when I perform.?

On how this album is different from her past records.
?I think this album is just all-around better than anything I?ve ever done. I think it?s been a trial-and-error process with my music and just trying to figure out who I am. I?m slowly but surely, as my career goes on, figuring more of that out, and I think I got a pretty good idea of where I?m at today and things I want to talk about.?

On the new sound she?s going for.
?The sound is going to be different. There are differences between each song. Some kind of have a rock vibe to them, some are just really raw, they don?t have any background vocals and it?s just me and guitar and strings. And there are some that are dance songs. Everything is different, but ultimately I just wanted it to be good pop music.?

On the other artists who inspired the album.
?Kelly Clarkson has been my inspiration my whole life basically since she first auditioned for American Idol. She?s a big one. Jessie J as well. And I also am a huge fan of Rihanna, even though I don?t know if a lot of my music necessarily sounds like hers. A lot of people have inspired this album.?



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Nytt intervju

Når Demi var i Filippinene ble hun intervjuet av nettsiden PhilStar! Les intervjuet her:
SPØRSMÅL: Your past albums have seen you swerve from the teen pop route into more R&B and slick pop rock. What direction will you be taking in your new album?
DEMI: It?s kind of a combination of everything that I?ve done before and stuff that I?m listening to now. You really just have to listen to hear it for yourself. Every time I try to pinpoint it, it really doesn?t get it exactly, so it?s pop, it has influences from other different genres of music (but) most of all, it?s me and that?s the way I?d describe it.
SPØRSMÅL:Your new song, Heart Attack, is about taking big risks. What have been some of the big risks that you took in your career since your treatment?
DEMI: First off, just even coming back to music after treatment. It was a big risk for me because I didn?t know how people would receive me and my story. Thankfully, everyone?s been really supportive. Just coming back to music, X Factor, making more albums, everything you do in your career is a risk.
SPØRSMÅL: How has The X Factor changed your career?
DEMI: It?s definitely opened up my demographic a lot. I no longer only have younger fans. It?s now maybe people who are watching the show with their parents. I have a wider audience now and it?s really, really amazing and it?s something I?m really thankful for.
SPØRSMÅL: Was it scary for you to be in such a wide audience?
Yeah, I was very nervous about doing X Factor, but it ended up being really great. I said yes because it was such an incredible opportunity that I didn?t want to let go.
SPØRSMÅL: What was it like mentoring kids your age?
Mentoring people was really fun. It was a learning experience for me. I think that it?s something that you can?t really prepare yourself for so when it happens, it just happens, but I think I can do a better job.
SPØRSMÅL: In Here We Go Again and Unbroken, you did a lot of collaborations. Did you also collaborate with other artists in your new album?
I did a collaboration, yes, and it?s really fun, it?s really cute. I think my fans will like it but you just have to wait and see who?s it with.
SPØRSMÅL: Do you ever feel too exposed or vulnerable when you?re writing about personal experiences?
Yeah, when I?m performing my songs, they are always written about personal experiences. When I perform them, it?s a very vulnerable feeling to open up my emotions to people on a stage.

Hva synes dere om intervjuet?


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Heart Attack har solgt til gull!

Nå nettopp ble det bekreftet at Heart Attack har solgt til gull, på kun fire uker! Jeg kan ikke si annet enn at jeg er utrolig stolt over Demi. Det at Heart Attack har solgt til gull uten noe promo, og før musikkvideoen kom ut, det er bare helt fantastisk!



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Bekreftet nye sanger!

På soundchecken til Demi i går i Indonesia bekreftet hun nye sanger som kommer til å være på det fjerde albumet. Sangene hun bekreftet var:


-Dark Skies

-Without the Love




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Heart Attack CD single release

I dag på platebutikken Astroplus, TriNoma var det Heart Attack CD single release. Her er et bilde fra da den ble released:



16.03.2013 | 12:10 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)


Demi&#8217;s one year sober party invitation!



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Demi ute i Beverly Hills #1



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Nytt intervju med BTSCelebs!

BTSCelebs: I love your new song ?Heart Attack?, what was the inspiration behind the song?
-Heart Attack is one of those songs I think EVERYONE can relate to in one way or another? I think everyone has been in that situation where it?s a complete and total risk opening up to someone and letting all of your walls down for someone. This song is about taking that risk and cautiously and debatably opening up to the person you?re falling for.
Walk us thru the recording process of ?Heart Attack?:
The recording process was almost flawless? Sitting down with a group of people and putting my heart on the line for this song was an amazing experience and getting acquainted with an AMAZING producer and some REALLY awesome writers helped a TON, so SHOUT OUT TO Suspex, Dylan Saunders, Mitch Allan, Jason Evigan, Sean Douglas, Nikki Williams, and of course Hollywood Records for making this single possible!!
Will there be a music video to accompany the single?
-Oh my Gosh, yes! I actually start filming for the music video tomorrow which is coming out in April!!
A belated congratulations on your People?s Choice award. How was your venture into the talent judging world on X Factor?
Thank you SO much. X Factor has been an amazing experience for me, but at the same time, EXTREMELY difficult? There?s nothing more heart-wrenching than saying no to someone who?s shoes you?ve been in before. I?ve been the girl busting her a** to get somewhere in the industry, so rather than being SO critical, I take a step back and try to recognize potential over everything. I LOVE working at X Factor and getting to be a mentor for other young artists though. It?s amazing.
BTSCelebs: Will you make a stop in my hometown Chicago while you promote ?Heart Attack??
-Chicago has always been near and dear to my heart because I was there for three months at Timberline Knolls in Lemont, IL. Every time I?ve come back to Chicago, I see how much I?ve grown and how much I?ve improved as a person and it makes me so immensely happy. There?s no way I would let not coming to Chicago on tour fly. I might be there sooner than you think!!
Do you have any plans to return to your acting roots? 
-I?ve really been focusing on music over everything? Acting is still one of my true loves, but there?s so much happening for me in the music industry. I kinda feel like musicians who are also acting lose touch with their fans and I would never, ever let that happen. Seeing all of my fans? beautiful faces at the shows is why I?m doing what I do. I can?t do that from a set of a movie.
What are your hopes for your upcoming tour in Asia and your album release in May?
-My hopes for my album and the tour in Asia are the same as any album and tour in the past have been: reach out to someone. That?s what I love most. I love being able to look into the crowd and recognize that people worldwide know every word of every song I?ve EVER released and know that even though things may get rough with me, that crowd of fans and those supporters will always be there for me. That?s always been my motive and my driving force. Giving my fans an hour and a half of just time where nothing else matters and to let LOOSE and have FUN is why I love touring. I know that I can take their problems away for at least that little block of time and they can take mine away as well.
Thanks soooo much for the questions!!  J
? Demi


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Nytt radio intervju!

Klikk her for å høre et nytt radio intervju med Demi som er utrolig morsomt!

(Linken skal funke nå)



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Demi bekrefter en ny sang!

I et nytt radiointervju i går bekreftet Demi at det er en sang som heter 'Warrior' på det nye albumet hennes som kommer ut i mai. Du kan høre at hun bekrefter det her.



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Demis intervju med 'The Bert Show'!

Som jeg fortalte dere i går ble Demi intervjuet av The Bert Show, og du kan høre intervjuet her.



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Nytt telefon-intervju!

I går hadde radiostasjonen Y100 Miami et telefon-intervju med Demi. Du kan høre det her.



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Nytt Demi intervju!

Klikk her for å høre et nytt Demi intervju. 



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Snakker Demi om Selena & Taylor?

I et radio intervju snakket Demi om at noen artister bare gjør narr av eksene sine, og ikke forteller hele historien. Mange tror Demi snakker om Selena Gomez og Taylor Swift. Du kan høre det her



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Få en gratis Demi plakat!

(dette er kun for mennesker som bor i Fillipinene) Hvis du bestiller en kopi av Heart Attack på AstroPlus1 som er en fillipinsk radiostasjon får du en gratis Demi plakat. Ikke nok med det, så fikk de 20 første som bestilte Heart Attack M&G billetter til konserten hennes i Fillipinene. (dette er kun for mennesker som bor i Fillipinene)



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Hvem er din favoritt Cosmo covegirl?

Akkurat nå har PopCrush en avsteming mellom Demi, Miley Cyrus, og Selena Gomez, hvor de spør hvem som er din favoritt Cosmo covergirl (av de tre). Du kan stemme her.



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Salg av Heart Attack!

Heart Attack ble gitt for 2 uker og 4 dager siden og har allerede solgt 322 000 kopier. Heart Attack er også tilgjengelig på iTunes i Norge, men du kan bare forhåndsbestille den. Det er forventet at den kommer ut 1. april (i Norge).



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Filmingen til Heart Attack har startet!

I går tweetet Derek Frank som er en regissør at filmingen av musikkvideoen til Heart Attack startet i går!

Senere postet Demi dette bilde på Instagram:

Sammen med bilde skrev hun:
Gettin ready for my video shoot!!


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Ny hårfrisyre!

Nå har Demi enda en gang fått en ny hårfrisyre!



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Skal Demi være med i Paranormal Activity 5?

Wikipedia sidene til både Demi og Paranormal Activity sier at Demi skal være med i den neste filmen, og at karakteren hennes heter Julie Featherston. Demi har tidligere uttalt seg om at hun vil være med i en skrekkfilm så det kan være sikkert, men hun har også sagt at hun ikke er klar til å være foran kameraet igjen. Ingenting er bekreftet enda, dette er kun rykter

Demi&#8217;s and Paranormal Activity 5&#8217;s Wikipedia page both say she will be in the next movie! Nothing 100% confirmed though considering it is Wikipedia!

#bilde fra Tumblr

Hva tror du?



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Albumet kommer ut i mai!

I et nytt radiointervju med singaporske radiostasjonen snakker Demi om det nye albumet, og hun bekreftet at det kommer ut i mai. Du kan høre intervjuet her



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Robbie Snow forteller at musikkvideoen kommer ut i april!

Robbie Snow som jobber i HWR bekreftet at musikkvideoen til Heart Attack kommer ut i april. Det var en hel artikkel så jeg poster hele artikkelen, jeg har markert hvor i teksten han forteller at musikkvideoen kommer ut i april.



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Stem på Heart Attack!

vote for heart attack here and here.

Du kan stemme her og her.



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Artikkel for New York Times!



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Rykter om samarbeid med Fifth Harmony!

Nå går det rykter om at Demi skal samarbeide med Fifth Harmony. 

Hva tror du om dette ryktet?



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Simon hinter til at Demi retunerer tilbake til X-Factor!

Klikk her for å høre intervjuet for Simon hinter at Demi kanskje retunerer tilbake til X-Factor.



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Feels Great To Be Back On Stage!!

dette twittra Demi for noen minutter siden :

"Feels great to be back on stage!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9PsMetzC30"



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Albumet skal IKKE hete Rehab!

I går gikk det rykter om at det fjerde albumet til Demi skulle hete Rehab, men Melissa Micheals som jobber i HWR avkreftet dette ryktet.



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Demi skal ha en VEVO:Stylized episode!

I denne Hot This Week videoen avslørte VEVO at Demi skal ha en VEVO:Stylized episode som har premiere på mandag! Spol til 1:00 for å komme til klippet Demi er med.



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Lyric-videoen til Heart Attack kommer i dag!

Can?t wait to share the Heart Attack lyric video with you tomorrow. 10am EST. http://www.demilovato.com

Can't wait to share the Heart Attack lyric video with you tomorrow. 10am EST. http://www.demilovato.com



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Hvem sin nye singel er best?

Nå har Billboard en avstemning over hvem sin nye singel er best. De som konkurrerer om seieren er Demi, Justin Bieber, og Carly Rae Jepsen. Du kan stemme på Demi her.

Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Carly Rae Jepsen: Whose New Single Is Best?




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Demi Lovato Charity Boutique åpner i morgen!

link her



27.02.2013 | 17:16 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

Demi skal opptre på Twin Towers LIVE!




26.02.2013 | 22:49 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

Demi skal bli intervjuet av Billy radio!



26.02.2013 | 17:10 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

Ryan Seacrest intervjuet

Under her kan dere høre radiointervjuet Demi hadde med Ryan Seacrest for en halv time siden.




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Heart Attack er #1 på iTunes i USA

Heart Attack is now #1 in the US iTunes store!




26.02.2013 | 13:40 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

Heart Attack på iTunes i forskjellige land!




25.02.2013 | 23:00 | Kategori: Nyhet(er)

Request Heart Attack

Klikk deg inn her for å requeste Heart Attack. Du requester den for radiostasjoner på den linken og ikke for Norge.